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● Parameter ●

Lifting force:  600N / 800N / 1000N

Opening Speed: 200MM/S200MM/S200MM/S

Rated door area:18m² / 20m² / 22m²

Max door weight: 100kg / 110kg / 120kg

Drum Rotations:   5.5

Power Supply:

220VAC-240VAC/50Hz -60Hz 


Motor Type: 24V DC permanent magnet

General working time: ≤60s

LPA: ≤58 db (A)

Working Temperature: -20℃ - +50℃

Transmitter Frequency: 433.92MHz

Coding Type: Rolling code

Coding Combination: Over 4.29 billion

Lights: 24V / 12pcs LED bulbs


● Features 

Metal bottom plate of the motor case 
Quiet Motor & 20cm/s high rotating speed
1000N Strong Lifting Force
Max Open Height 6M
1.5mm accuracy of opening distance
Precise encoder, cycle encoding function
Electronic limitation technology
Courtesy LED light automatically lights on
Soft start, soft stop
Single Clutch
Manual release in case of power failure
Photocell is available & Accepts any stand alone receiver

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