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How do we help our clients make the choice between belt and chain Part I

There are hundreds of articles on Google to help people make choice between chain drive garage door opener and belt drive garage door openers

Here are some tips about how we help our clients (door factories, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, installers and contractors) to make the right choice:

1, Silent performance

Everyone knows that belt drive opener is quieter than the chain drive opener, but it’s a complicated garage door system we are talking about, so “Chain VS Belt” is one-sided sometimes, just like you can’t expect a regular family car runs as fast as an F1 racing car, even they have the same engine inside.

The noisy running is not only caused by the vibration of the chain but also related to the hardware and installation – using nylon roller and silent hinge instead of steel ones, training installers to make sure everything can be well installed are both the ways to make garage door run quieter, we also have client who especially customizes hardware to make sure the installation can be well done even by inexperienced installers. 

We will help our clients to evaluate their door system and installation service before making a choice -- good hardware + correct installation + belt drive garage door opener = garage door with better silent performance, which can be really cost-effective instead of wasting of money.

2, Strength

Most people still believe the belt is weaker, but the truth is drive belt construction has made great strides in recent decades, a good belt today should have steel wire inside and be encapsulated with high strength self-lubricating material, the strength of which actually no less than a chain does. For example, our belt contains 6 pcs of steel wire inside, and according to our incoming material QC standard, both belt and chain need to be able to pass the 5000N force test.

Three more suggestions coming soon within this week, if anyone has any better idea or suggestion, you are very welcome to leave them in the comments below.

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