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People lost lives because their garage door motors run too slow

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Dark night, a man is shot in car outside his door - we often see such picture in movies, but it really happens in real life.

It’s easy to know by internet how dangerous our city is - some victims were shot or stabbed just outside the garage doors when they back home, ready to spend night with families. It makes us start thinking how this can be prevented by garage door industry, we are not saying it’s a total solution, but like a Rolex left in the street, the longer people wait outside garage door, the more chances left for criminals to do bad thing, so it’s important to use faster garage door opener motor to help people get into the garage and close the door quickly.

Our research shows the speed of garage door opener motors in markets of Europe, North and South America, Australia is mainly 140~180mm/s, in some area like South Africa, it's only 110~140mm/s - Cape Town was ranked 15th among the world's top 50 cities with high murder rates.

Comparing with low speed garage door opener motor, high speed motor can save more time - in low crime rate cities, it may only help people go home faster to see their favorite TV show, but in other cities, it can bring more security even save lives, people can get into house and close the garage door faster while criminals hesitating.

Check what’s the crime rates of you city in following link and tell me what’s the speed of your garage door opener motor.

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As a professional supplier of garage door products, based on regular models with speed of 140mm/s and 160mm/s, PROSTAR especially developed high-speed model with 200 mm/s , using with backup battery and self-lock function, our garage door motors can continuously provide with more guarantee for customers' safety - speed can be bought but live is priceless.

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