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Does your garage door motor have these functions?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

In addition to basic functions, most garage door motors in the market also have special functions, which are developed to cater to the different market demands.

Let’s take the openers of our company as examples, checking what kind of functions they have:

1, Travel limit setting – to set the opening and closing limit of garage door;

2, Obstruction force setting – to set the obstruction force from level 1~5;

3, Speed setting – to set the garage door motor runs in 100% or 80% of full speed;

4, Automatic closing time setting – to set the door automatically close in 0, 15, 30 to

135 seconds, this function is suggested to be enabled with the using of photocell;

5, Automatic closing condition setting – to set the door automatically close in any position or only in fully open position;

6, LED off delay time setting – to set the LED light turn off 1,2 to 9 minutes after the opener stop working;

7, Reversal height setting – to set the door rebounding height from 0/9, 1/9 to 9/9 of the whole travel;

8, Opening height setting – to set the door open from 0/9, 1/9 to 9/9 of the full height;

9, Remote button recognition setting – to set all the remote buttons control the same one garage door or different buttons control different doors;

10A, Code memory quantity setting – to set the opener remember maximum 5, 10, 15 to 50 different remotes;

11b, Reversal height ignorance setting – to set the ignorance height that door rebounds when it meets the obstacles, this function is useful for the areas where the snow lay thick on the ground in winter;

12C, Pass door function on/off setting – to turn on/off the pass door function, which is meant to be work with the pass door safety device.

13d, Photocell on/off setting – to turn on/off the photocell function, which is suggested to be turned off if there is no photocell device connect with the opener, otherwise the door can not be normally closed;

14E, Maintenance alarm setting – to set the garage door motor alarms after 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 times running;

15F, Multiple external device interfaces - for connecting with external devices such as photocell, backup battery, warning light, key switch, pass door safety device, universal receiver, O/S/C switch and etc.;

16, Soft stop/start – opener shall gradually pick up speed before full speed running, and gradually slow down before stopping, with a soft stop/start opener, the garage door activates with less noise or vibration, which results in less wear and tear as the years go by.

17, Transformer overload protection – the transformer inside the motor can automatically cut out itself when its running temperature reaches 105℃, and automatically reconnect when the temperature back to 80℃;

18, Restore factory settings

19, External fuse design – to put a replaceable fuse on the surface of the opener case, making fuse replacement easier than a built-in fuse motor;

20, Child lock;

21, For-link function – to monitor the status of garage door by remote lights from a far distance;

22, LED flashing setting – to set the LED flash before door running;

Thanks for reading, if anyone has any better idea or suggestion about garage door motor functions, you are very welcome to leave them in the comments below.

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